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Nelcyn Sharpening Service is your comprehensive tool reconditioning, sharpening and repair business!

Whether it's a repair or modification, we'll make sure your tools perform better, longer, and save you money. From carbide blades to tapered ball nose cutter end mills, if it's got an edge, we can make it like new.

Interested in finding out how we can save you money and time from having to replace old tools? Call us today for a quote, we'd love to chat!

50 years of experience, highest quality workmanship

As a company, we strive for excellence and efficiency in all that we do. At Nelcyn Sharpening Service, we can save you up to 60% off of the retail price (and sometimes more) on equipment like CNC carving bits, carbide blades, and self-feeding bits.

A tool with great performance saves time, money, plus it's a lot easier (and safer!) to work with. Whether your a plumber, carpenter, CNC-enthusiast, or machinist, we've got you covered!

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