Services & Add-ons

Have you ever tried to cut a tomato with a dull knife? It's certainly not easy!

The same applies to your bits and cutters. Cutting through wood or metal with a dull bit requires more energy and manpower for a successful cut. Furthermore, working with dull bits leads to a higher likelihood of workplace inefficiencies and injuries, as well as additional wear and tear on equipment.

Let us treat your tools like the investments they are! With our superb reconditioning and sharpening services, we will redefine what new means for your business—and bonus—help you keep your business costs down in the process!

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Reconditioning and Sharpening Services

  • Carbide hole saws
  • High speed steel hole saws
  • Carbide saw blades
  • Cold saw blades
  • Diamond core bits
  • Auger bits
  • Flex shaft burrs
  • Carbide burrs
  • Carbide drills
  • End mills—end cut only or new ends
  • Tree stump bits
  • Router bits
  • Chipper blades
  • Self-feeding bits
  • Annular cutters (slugger bits)
  • Lawn mower blades
  • Step Drills
  • Pipe threads & pipe thread reamers
  • Core bits
  • Shears (paper, metal, gardening)
  • Wood carving tools
  • Hammer drills
  • Chisels
  • Ice auger cutters
  • And much, much more!

Don't see a tool on our list of services? Give us a holler to see what we can do for you!

Carbide Treatment

Want to cut through material like it's butter? In addition to our awesome reconditioning and sharpening services, we can braze carbide onto your self-feeding bits, slugger bits, core bits, and chipper blades to take them to the next level of performance!

Tool Coating

Do you want to give your tools extra protection? We offer optional specializing coatings to enhance your tools' longevity and performance. Just let us know what you intend to use your tools for and we'll find the perfect coating for you!


We offer very competitive rates for all our services. Send us a message for a free quote today!

  • 70% off the retail value for orders with 25 or less pieces.
  • 75% off the retail value for orders with more than 25 pieces.
  • $0.20 per tooth or $0.30 per replacement tooth on saw blades.
  • All tool reconditioning prices depend on the condition of the tool.

Delivery Time

From the time we receive your tools, it will take us approximately 1-2 weeks to complete your order, depending on the size and type. We do provide one day service on some orders at additional cost.

Test Drive Us!

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