At Nelcyn Grinding Service, we strive for excellence in every tool we transform. Take a look at our gallery below and see for yourself what we could do for you!

Before & After

For the before and after images, the image on the left is the before and the image on the left is the after. You can also drag the circle left and right to reveal more detail.

Carbide core bit

This 5' core bit had damaged carbide that broke out after the tool had hit rebar. I brazed new carbide tips that were larger than the normal size that comes with the core bit. This allows the tool to drill through concrete faster.

damaged 5' carbide core bit repaired 5' carbide core bit

Diamond Core Bit

This broken 12 1/2" diamond coated broken core bit was fixed by cutting off the broken area and brazing new carbide onto it.

damaged diamond core bit repaired diamond core bit

Self-feeding Bit

This self-feeding bit had broken teeth. It was repaired by grinding the other teeth down to the broken teeth and then grinding in new teeth.

damaged self-feeding bit repaired self-feeding bit

Stump Grinding Bit

This stump grinding bit was worn. It was repaired with new carbide.

damaged stump grinding bit repaired stump grinding bit